Deployment Badge

Like any manual task, pushing to a server can be a headache. The deployment tool that this badge was created for makes that process more user friendly by applying a graphical user interface to aid the task.

Luke Pets 500

We all have dreams, and Luke's dream was to pet 500 dogs in just 24 hours. For each dog that got a pat, $1 was donated to the Brown Dog Coalition. Video of Luke's best day coming soon!

Conscious Mind Design Stickers

What's better than supporting a small business? Supporting a small business and getting free stuff in return! Each purchase from the Conscious Mind Design shop gets this free sticker with their purchase.

Spacecraft Animated Icons

What spacecraft fits your needs? These icons were used for a conceptual web application where one fills out their preferences for an ideal spacecraft.

Ithaca Ventures Scannable Stickers

Did you know QR codes don't have to look so, well, QR-y? Ithaca Ventures did! While the app is yet to be released, the mission is awesome: Scan a sticker with your smart phone and play a unique minigame where you're standing. After, you'll learn about the area of Ithaca, New York the sticker was placed and get clues to finding the next sticker.