Output Page Redesign

The True Choice platform is a technology that specializes in gathering user preferences. The output page has the most impact on those users. We wanted to enhance this page by adding imagery, layering graphic elements and providing more context to what users say is important to them.

Design Requirements

  • Information should be digestible and understood
  • Design should be exciting and engaging
  • Needs to show Marketing Messages and Preference Profile at the forefront
  • Needs to support imagery
  • Needs to support low to high amounts of copy
  • Consider call to action button placement
  • Needs to be responsive between different devices


Desktop resolution

Tablet resolution

Mobile resolution

Final Designs

Before and After
Willis output – before

Willis output – after

Mitre ouput – before

Mitre output – after

KPMG output – before

KPMG output – after

Improvements Over Current Layout

  • Supports multiple images
  • Clearly states importance rating
  • Marketing Messages distinguished from each other
  • Visually engaging without compromising Marketing Messages
  • Adds depth by layering icons over images
  • Flexibility for CTA placement
  • Mobile design is clean and engaging
  • Empowers designer creativity
  • Reduces white space