MyRewards Demo Case Study - Total Rewards Web App

In order to introduce and sell tools that measure employee satisfaction with their company benefits packages, TrueChoice Solutions Inc needed an attractive and fully functional demo application to show off the power of its technology.

An initial demo application was launched, but as time went on new innovation and technology had been built and a renovation of the demo application was needed. After building the tool, called MyRewards Demo, it was sent to potential clients for business partnership opportunities.

The application prompted users to rate their preferences across an array of options and calculate the features of their benefits package they valued most. Real-time data was collected via the application and sent to a dashboard for statistical analysis.

Design Requirements

  • User interface design had to fit the branding of TrueChoice Solutions
  • User experience had to be intuitive in order to avoid survey fatigue
  • Application had to be responsive so one application could be accessed across any device
  • All widgets and most features of the TrueChoice platform needed to be included
  • Application had to represent a variety of different people
  • Both English and Italian had to be supported

Improved Experience

In addition to redesigning the look and feel, updates to interactive elements were made to improve the user experience of the application. These included:

  • An animated splash page
  • An animated gradient background
  • An animated onboarding page
  • Larger icons
  • Hover states on slider handles/thumbs
  • Custom Output page with social media integration, call to action buttons and large engaging icons


Custom Output Page

The application needed a custom Output page to highlight all the functionality offered. What was designed was a final page featuring tabs, photographs, illustrations, call to action buttons, social media integration and descriptions of offerings.

Output page - Desktop

Output page - Mobile


The MyRewards Demo application is a redesign of an initial Total Rewards Optimization application. Multiple design concepts were pitched and compared to the initial demo.

Initial Demo
Proposed Design 1

Proposed Design 2

Proposed Design 3

Final Design

Proposed Design 2 was chosen for the redesign. Changes were made to the concept to strengthen the TrueChoice Solutions brand through color updates and swapping illustrations for photography to better connect with the audience.